Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cake, Catering and other Paradise Found in L.A. at last

The curmudgeon (I) was made oh so happy this weekend. And wasn't it generous of the Powers That Be to bestow this happiness at my Official Family Wedding Celebration? The Bride did not have to make the cake afterall. Cake Divas saved the day. Recommended by a friend who knows all good things, the Cake Divas were nice, they prepared (the same morning we called--no appointment needed) a luscious tasting box that this terribly busy couple thankfully could taste on the road, they use all organic ingredients (the only ones we found that did so in a non hippie, vegan, but instead gourmet appreciation of fine ingredients kind of way). They were even not far from our house! We chose the white cake with chocolate fudge frosting on two layers, and the amazing berry cream on the third layer. The outer frosting was a white butter cream. Got tons of compliments. It still is tasting good after five days in the fridge--moist, pure, yummy.
A perfect end to the thrilling meal done by Five Star Catering (no website--let me know if you want their contact info). Folks, I wish I could keep it a secret (or have them as my private cooks), but it just would be too selfish. These gentleman rock the house, hit every dish out of the ballpark, with good nature and reasonable prices to boot. One foodie at the party said it was the best catering she could remember for a party that size (sixty guests). People, myself included, were bowled over.
They got their bread, by the way, at Le Pain Quotidien, which I have had recommended to me by people for years. It was very good. We are still eating one of the loaves and the rolls 5 days later, and they are making very nice toast and hamburger buns. They get a higher vote than La Brea Bakery and Whole Foods bread, which we have normally been buying. Happy, happy, yum, yum. CORRECTION ADDED 6/19: The bakery used was NOT LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN but instead a bakery in Silverlake, which the caterer sadly tells me has just closed shop. I tried the bread at Le Pain Quotidien in Santa Monica the other day--a whole wheat sourdough and a baguette. Eh. It was okaaaay. The texture wasn't great--the usual stiff stuff I tend to get here in the Southland. The flavor was alright. They have only a few choices of bread, all dark except the baguette (and I noticed a sign for challah tucked away in the corner, but there was no bread in front of it, and it was not offered to me as a choice by the sales lady.) I'm not going to run back there.

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