Sunday, October 29, 2006

Spankin' Shoe Sighting

(Photo courtesy of mjlamble on flickr)

Lan Bui wore these last night to Halloween Vlogfest 2006. (Thank you Yahoo, Zadi and Steve, and others for making this event happen and Lan for letting me know about it!) Lan got these purple, snakeskin pearls in the Southland shoe desert at Ross in Orange County! Who woulda thunk it?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Language Lessons 3: In search of an alternative to the bread in the fridge

I was craving an alternative to toast for this Sunday morning's breakfast, since the bread we have in the fridge, Whole Food's Organic Miche, I find to be sort of heavy and dull.

HUSBAND: What do you want for breakfast?
ME: I was thinking about pancakes. Too bad we didn’t get any fresh eggs at the market yesterday.
HUSBAND: You want me to organize you some eggs?
ME: Organize me some eggs?
ME: Is that how you say it in German? Organize me some eggs?
HUSBAND: Yeah, well, sort of. I mean, you don’t really say it like that, but you can.
ME: You can or you don't, which is it?
HUSBAND: Well, you can if you’re inspirated.
ME: Inspirated?
HUSBAND: Yeah. Inspirated.
ME: Inspirated.
HUSBAND: Creative with the language. Like thief language. I’m going to go organize me some eggs, it’s like let’s go steal some eggs from the farmer.
ME: Do you feel like driving and parking?
HUSBAND: No, not really, but I will do for you.

We ended up having toast. Sometimes in L.A., even when the bread is not that good, as in life, simplicity trumps other pleasures.