Tuesday, August 29, 2006

NYC souvenir

This is the kind of souvenir I wouldn't even have thought of as a souvenir, the kind of thing that I take for granted in NYC, and then I see it and go, "Oh yeah..."

Monday, August 28, 2006

Good cheese

Please forgive my long absence. In-laws in town and working on our bagel tasting outing video have been big distractions.

This blog could almost as easily be called Life Beyond Good Cheese. When my husband and I came back from living in France earlier this year, we lamented the loss of good daily cheese, especially at affordable prices. Even in NYC, there is good cheese to be had, yes at a price sometimes, but sometimes not, and there is are massive selections to offset the economic pain. Like at Murray's on Bleeker. Even at Citarella in the Village, we found a very passable Manchego at a reasonable price. L.A. proved to be rougher. The only solace we have found has been an Argentine parmesan at Whole Foods, which is just fine and one of the few quality for the money choices there. There are goat cheeses at the Wednesday Santa Monica farmer's market (maybe at other local farmer's markets, too) that are quite good for the price. And I hate to admit because I am not a fan of the store (people seem to love it or disdain it), but someone brought a Manchego from Trader Joe's that was quite good and cheap. Someone recently also recommended the Cheese Store in Silverlake. Someone else recommended Rawsome in Santa Monica (on Rose below Lincoln somewhere), but we tasted their yogurt, which costs a small fortune, and could not get excited about spending that much cash for their merchandise, thanks anyway...